Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lesson learned...

I have learned the hard way, NOT to spar with people who aren't martial artists or who aren't training in YOUR style!  I took a really hard hit to the side of my right knee on Saturday and it completely hurts to walk.   I can sympathize with the people who have had knee surgery, although I am not hurt in any way like they have been. 
My chiropractor warned me that I should take it easy on the leg for a few days and ice it.  It has one of the UGLIEST bruises I have ever gotten on it.  I guarantee you I will not "play" or "horse around" with someone who has no concept of how to pull a kick and not go full tilt.  It's painful and is NOT going to happen again.  

The person I was "goofing off with" is a jujitsu fighter.  I take Tang Soo Do, which is completely different.  My mentor, someone I admire intensely, pretty much lectured me about not letting them disrespect me.  She told me that if I keep horsing around like I did, I'll get hurt and the next time could be the one to cause me more damage than a huge bruise on my leg. 

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