Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Today I got an email advising me that I need to get together with my instructors and decide on a weapon for weapons training. This will be cool! I'm excited about that. I have a Bo already, but learning more is going to be a great opportunity. I don't know if I want to continue with the bo or if I want to try my hand with kamas or with sais. I have a cheap pair of kamas, plus I 'inherited' some kamas from a girl I used to train with at the old dojang, which are wooden. I'm not sure I want to learn those or try something new.

That makes me wonder...just how many different weapons ARE there in martial arts???

Friday, June 19, 2009

6/19 Class

Last night in class, we had to run. Master M is starting to get us working on our conditioning, so we'll be running from here on out. One thing I realized fairly quickly...I'm NOT in the shape I thought I was in. (Wait...round is a shape, right?? I'm round!!)
I was the last one to finish running. Boo. That just means I have work to do. I will do it. Have to work up to that half mile, then it'll be a full mile before I know it. Master M told me after class to just keep after it. If I have to walk the ends and run the straights, that's acceptable--FOR NOW. Eventually I should be able to run a mile in ten minutes. Or less. My goal is the 'less' at some point in the future. DISTANT future. The short term goal is just to run. To quote Nike..."Just DO it."

After running, Master M had us work on technique with the weights again. I chose 3 pound weights this time instead of the 5 I'd used on Tuesday. For some reason, last night I felt wobbly. Was it because I snuck in some weight training for triceps, deltoids and the upper pecs beforehand? I don't know. If that's the case, I'm going to continue to do the pre-workout because I think it will help in the long run!!

I'm still using my Wii Fit in the morning to get in some cardio. That has been highly beneficial in my opinion because it gets me up and moving. I feel better in the morning when I've worked out. I LIKE working out now. I'm telling myself I am seeing changes. Yes, I know it's only been a week, but I'm telling myself I'm seeing changes anyway...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weight class

During class last night, we did techniques and forms with weights. Master M had us pick a weight we thought we'd be able to handle comfortably. She led us through drills with the weights doing Sah Dan Mahkee (low block) and Ha Dan Mahkee (High blocks), along with side kicks, front kicks (sorry for not using the Korean on this). Then she had us move from the rubber room (called that for the floor, which is made of hard rubber) into the Wooden room (wood floor) and we got another set of weights. She gave us the option of going down to a lower weight or even up if we wanted to. (I stuck with 5 lbs) We started into forms, which was a bit more challenging.

Doing Keecho Hyung Il Bu with weights was not as difficult as it could have been. It wasn't too bad. It was harder to do than it normally is, but it wasn't horrible.
What was hard was when I was told to do Bassai and I lost it completely. It seemed that once the weights got into my hands, my brain leaked the form. As a result, I had to do 10 crunches. I had no problem with that. I didn't like the fact that I forgot my form. Oh well. I'll review it and fix it.

Master M had us do a form of our own chosing and do it with the weights. That was fun. Several of us picked out Pyung Ahn Sam Dan to do. THAT was challenging at the end because of the jump/simultaneous elbow strike, back punch.

After class, I got Ms. S and Master M to help me refine Pyung Ahn Ee Dan. I now know what I was doing wrong, so I need to practice it and improve it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Training tool

Last December, I bought the family a Wii Fit with the intention of all four of us using it. I used it a couple of times, then nothing happened. My son has used it intermittently on his breaks and hubby has used it. Until yesterday, I had not used it since the initial set up. That has changed. I don't know if it's the fact that I have a teenager who needs some extra motivation from me to get moving or if it's just the fact that I want to be more physically fit, but I'm not going to stop if I can help it. I'm working out at the "Y" twice a week for about 15 minutes before class while number one son is in class, but I haven't seen drastic results, soooo...Wii Fit, here I am. I plan on getting into shape one way or another!

My son actually got me hooked on it. He was playing the "Rhythmic Boxing"...I saw it and HAD to try it. Well, now I'm hooked. I think if I do this daily, I will build up endurance, plus it'll help me stay hooked on working out. It does but doesn't feel like a workout. One thing I've noticed is that I need to twist my hips more when we're working with the virtual bag, but that's something I KNOW I can overcome.

I have to work on my core too...so that's another thing to focus on. I have to do a certain number of crunches and push ups, so I am GOING to work that core and get that into shape. Notice I'm not saying *how many* crunches and pushups I have to do...you never know who is reading your blog and I learned a lesson from a friend about keeping goals under wraps. Not ALL goals, just ones with specific numbers attached to them.