Monday, December 29, 2008

A reminder...

I need to refresh my memory on the goals I set myself. This is one from January, 2008. I just copied and pasted it here to make sure I have it documented. I have several more blogs I can post...I'll be keeping the martial arts posts. Those are important to me.

January, 2008:

I am going to set myself some goals. I have issues with keeping myself on track with water, so one of my goals is to drink no less than 48 ounces of water in a normal day. Yesterday, I've made that goal and have had 50 ounces of water. Not too bad. Not great though. I'll work on it. That's one goal.

Another goal is to practice my forms daily. I need to make sure that I am doing everything correctly. Monday I actually ran through Nahainchi Cho Dan and Sip Soo. Tuesday I only worked on technique, but it WAS a practice. I practiced high knife hands, cat stance and moving forward in a cat stance. That's a new "game" I've created for the kids called "Ninja walk". You get into a cat stance, where you've created an 'L' with your feet--you put all of your weight on your back foot and have just the toes of your front foot or the ball of your front foot on the floor. The point of it is to be able to spring forward to pursue an attack if needed. If you turn your front foot, almost into a ballet stance, then ROLL as you shift your weight from the back foot to the front foot. This puts you into the correct position to perform a middle chop or something along those lines.
It's another technique that requires exact form. I *finally* have the "ninja walk" down!!

So, Tuesday I only worked on technique, but today, to escape the frustration of the people I work with (very stressful, that group!), I'm going to work on Bassai and then work my way back. I need to practice Oh Dan, Sam Dan, Sa Dan (and do Sam Dan correctly!), then Ee Dan and go backwards to Pyung Ahn Cho Dan, etc. I also need to practice Bong Hyung Il Bu at some point. I'll work on that away from work, but it will get practiced.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Yesterday I set myself the task of performing Keecho Hyung Il Bu in "mirror mode". I am happy to say that I was successful. I had to stop and actually THINK about what I was doing, but I was able to do the entire form without too many mistakes. It wasn't as hard as I made it out to be in my mind. I just have to build up and do the rest of the forms that way and I think I'll understand them a bit better. It's all working up to doing the forms better.

Today I may go outside and actually work on forms out there. I still haven't done an outdoors class. It will be good. When you work outdoors, you have different terrain to work on. It's not all the smooth surfaces we're used to inside. It will be uneven surfaces, rocks, etc. The point of it is to get used to having different surfaces and to step outside of our "comfort zone".

Speaking of "comfort zones", I read in a magazine last night that a "comfort zone" is just a way of opting out of moving onward. It's a way of saying, "I'm not going to go any further--I'm satisfied with the way things are". Well, I am NOT going to stay stationery and inflexible. I will get myself out of my comfort zone and into the unknown. Once I move past the mindset of "I'm okay where I am", the challenges will present themselves to be slightly easier, I think.

I don't know yet if I'll be able to get back into classes next month, but even if I don't, I'm at least getting back into practicing and learning. I've got my books, I have my notebook and my friends who have kindly offered to help keep me on track. I'm going to go back with a better attitude. I'm not going to go to class with the attitude of "I'm going to test for a belt". That's the wrong attitude to have. I'm going to go in with the attitude of "I'm here to learn." It's all about learning. If you stop learning, you'll stagnate. I'm not going to be stagnant. I'm going to move ahead and learn the right way. I'm not going to put my focus on only one thing. There are too many things to learn to make myself a better martial artist. If I focus on just the short term goal, I'll miss the long term. I'll miss the entire point of taking martial arts.
When I first joined martial arts, I went in with no idea of what I'd be getting into. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it or not. I went with the express intention of becoming more physically fit. Somewhere along the line, it moved into a love for the sport. I enjoy the classes. I enjoy the challenges presented to me by the instructors. No, I'm not a good jumper. I totally hate falling. I hate rolling too. I know that they're integral to the sport, so I learn them. When I step onto that training floor, I find myself in a different frame of mind. Somehow, after a long day at work, I'm able to get myself to focus on the here and now. I need that.

I'm going to make sure that the here and now is what I continue to focus on. If I had stayed at my old school, I would be testing in March or September of '09 for second dan. I am not ready. I have much to learn before I am ready to test. You cannot teach if you do not learn. You cannot understand if you do not learn. I am determined to understand. If it takes me another 3-4 years to earn my second dan, so be it. I think it's finally sunk in that I'm in this for the long haul.

Friday, December 26, 2008


I spent this morning walking up and down the hall, practicing front snap kicks (Ahp Cha Gi). I have gotten very sloppy, so I figured that while nobody was paying attention, I'd practice. I was trying to improve my technique. I can do a kick that is more like a "scoop", but what I need to do is to primarily focus on the technique. A good front snap kick would break down as follows:

1. Raise your knee.
2. Extend your lower leg, with control, ball of the foot leading. Strike the target.
3. With control, retract the leg.
(edited 12/29. I was corrected and I appreciate it. Need that reality check at times!)

When I practice it like this, it makes up for not having a bag to kick. I have a regular pad in one of the closets, but I cannot get my assorted family members to hold it for me so that I can kick it. Ah well. I was SUPPOSED to go to a friend's house today, but that fell through because I didn't hop on the Internet until late and he had plans for the late afternoon. Maybe next week.

Anyway, back to my kicks. I figure that I'm going to work on my kicks this week. I am going to work on the technique, then speed, then power. If I nail the technique, I can pick up the speed and the power. I think I'm going to strive for at least 20 kicks per leg, per day.

Another thing I'm going to do is to start walking at least a mile a day. I should have started it today, but I was lazy and slept in. Hopefully tomorrow. I'm thinking of going to the high school and walking there. Four laps around the track is a mile, so I'm going to aim for that. I may have to start with a half mile and work up to it. We shall see.

Monday, December 22, 2008

"Mirror Mode"

I was talking to a friend today about practicing. He's going to run me through my paces on Friday and reminded me that there are more ways to practice forms than the 'normal' way. He reminded me that it can be performed forwards, backwards, blindfolded and "mirror mode".
When I think "Mirror mode", I either think of performing a form "backwards" (which is totally different than this!) or I start thinking off topic to one of the games my son plays, Mario Kart. The mirror mode in this case is not what I was thinking of.

Mirror mode is where, instead of starting to the left, where we're usually taught, you start off to the right. I had to think about that for a few minutes. On the way home from work, I started trying to run through Kee Cho Hyung Il Bu in my head, in mirror mode. It is NOT as easy as I thought it would be!! I started out going over it in my mind "correctly", then visualizing it in 'mirror mode'. I haven't finished the form, but I have started thinking about it.

Another thing I need to work on is doing the form "backwards", where I start at the end and work to the beginning. I read about someone doing Bassai backwards on a blog a few months ago. I was impressed. I haven't been practicing, so I think that starting at the end of a form and working my way to the beginning would confuse me. Heck, I'm confused by the mirror mode, only because I have let myself be intimidated. That won't be happening long. I am approaching the "mirror mode" as a challenge. I can do it.

On a side note...I know that I've learned *something* in Korean!! I was out shopping with my son yesterday and heard a father tell his small child, "Ahn jo". I had to smile as I knew exactly what it meant!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A run is a run is a run...

Today I officially ran. It wasn't anything spectacular, but it WAS a run. My son likes to race us, so today, he raced me from the mailbox to our building. It was a five minute run, but we moved. I guarantee you, I feel better for having moved!!!
It's supposed to be very cold tomorrow and rain is forecast, so I may not get out walking or running at work. I will say without a shadow of a doubt that I will NOT go outdoors if it's cold and wet. I'm crazy, not insane.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Walking vs. Running

I have started walking in an effort to make myself get out and about. I have a goal in mind...I'm eventually going to start running. When I do, I want to be able to run a mile in under ten minutes. Running and I are not friends. I truly despise running. However, it's something that I'm going to work on because I know it'll help.
I've been given a few pointers...I've been told to time myself. Walk a minute, run a minute. Repeat multiple times. Then I can increase my running time. Walk a minute, run two minutes. Ideally, it'll be a building up to being able to run from the get-go instead of just walking. I have a couple of friends who have tried this technique. I wonder if Run On recommends that? They have a running course I may have to inquire about sometime next year. As long as it doesn't interfere with my Tuesdays and Thursdays, I'll be fine.

Today, I didn't run. I DID, however, get out and go walking. Again, not a fast walk, but it *was* a walk. That counts as a start.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Temporarily sidelined

Due to certain circumstances, my martial arts is temporarily sidelined. I'll have to keep up my practicing on my own until I can get back to class. This means that I MUST keep up the forms and practicing the Korean. I need to know what a "soo do" is. I need to keep myself practicing on everything.
I'm frustrated, but things happen. I can pick up the pieces and go on. I'm not fully devastated, which I could be. I've been challenged by Ms. S to keep practicing, so that I shall. I can work with the WF and get my balance there. I can work on forms and make sure I REMEMBER the forms. If I practice daily, I'll be back where I was in no time.

I'm bummed out by the turn of events, but I will make it work for me.

I just hope they don't forget me because I'm not in class.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Training plans

Balance is always important in martial arts. One of the main reasons is that you don't want to be kicking someone and fall flat on your bum or on your face because you can't maintain your balance or control your kick. Many of your higher forms require incredible control and balance. There is a part of Jin Do that requires a Ap Cha Nut Gi (jumping front snap kick). I had attempted this on one of the occasions I had to practice with Mr. Brown before I left my old school...and I fell flat on my rear!! You talk about undignified!! I didn't have my foot planted properly, so I fell. Part of that was for inexperience, part of it was due to lack of balance.

I have a new tool in my training arsenal that I HOPE will help me in the long run. It's a Wii Fit. I read BBM's blog and decided to go out and look for one the night I read it. It sat in the house for a week before I set it up, but now that it's been set up, I am using it. I have been working on the balance games. I had the silly thing set up backwards first of all, but my husband finally decided to correct it and now all is well. It's not as bad as it was the day before yesterday! I did find out that Master G was correct in telling me that I need to use my hips! I really, REALLY found out how much when I did the 'slalom skiing'.

I haven't tried much of the yoga yet. I have done a trunk twist with my virtual trainer and I've got issues with the Wii as far as what it says my weight is, but I'll suck it up and deal with it. I have other things on my mind, like correcting my balance. So far, I'm "unbalanced". I DID, however, find that I can do a couple of serious aerobic exercises for about 15 minutes and I'm winded. This is something I will definitely work on. I AM going to get into better shape.

Tomorrow I'm packing the kids up (as long as it's not raining!!) and heading out to the local high school. We're going to put the track to good use. I want to start walking a mile...and I'll time it. Once I have a time for my walk, then I can start working on cutting that time down. At some point I need to start running. There's nothing that says I have to LIKE running...but I'll be running. If I get to the point where I can run a quarter of a mile in 2-3 minutes, it'll say something for me. My goal is to run a quarter mile by the end about a month ending in "y"? That's one of four months. I won't say exactly WHICH month it is, but I'm going to work on it. I definitely feel like I'm facing the correct path. I'm not fully engaged on that path, but I'm facing it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Goal setting and wish lists

I created a wish list that I think is a good start to making me a better martial artist. Yes, I'd dearly love to be able to have a heavy bag so that I can practice kicking and punching but that's out of the question in the apartment. Management would have a kitten if we put a heavy bag out on the patio, sooo...I'll make do with other things.

I'm working on my attitude and rearranging my goals. My first and foremost goal is to stop focusing on my belting. I'll get the belt whenever I get the belt. If I start worrying about "when am I going to test" instead of learning the material I need to know, I won't do well at all and they will laugh me out of creation. For that matter, *I* would laugh myself out of creation!!! December, for me, just got a LOT busier since I have a concert on the 16th that I HAVE to attend (oldest child), and
my manager and director decided that they're having our department dinner on the 18th, so I won't be in class at all that week. Then the week after is Christmas. I HOPE we're going to be in class on the 22nd because I want to go.

My Christmas martial arts goal/wish list is as follows:

****TO DO MY BEST****

1. To learn my terminology for my karate class by my birthday (6 months, 1 week)
2. To learn Nahainchi Ee Dan and be able to execute it properly by March.
3. To learn my one-steps and Ho Sin Sul properly.
4. To learn to run and like it...or at least, just to run.
5. To learn NOT to focus on how heavy I am (yes, I'm heavy, but I'm working on it!).
6. To NOT stress out over "not working at the level I think I should be working at." It's not about anything but improving.
7. To learn the bunkai of the forms and be able to answer an examiner quickly and efficiently when questioned.
8. To learn to perform a form backwards. I know it can be done. I don't want to "over think" it, but I need to learn it because it will be a useful thing to know.

I have so many other things in my head that I want to do but I'll work on that a little at a time. I really need to print this out and keep it where I can see it at all times.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sad news in the martial arts world...

This was an email I received today:

Folks -

It was announced in the paper today that Joe Hyams passed away last week at the age of 85. Mr Hyams was known for work as a Hollywood columnist and celebrity biographer. For us in the Martial Arts, he was the author of "Zen in the Martial Arts" and co-author of Chuck Norris' book, "The Secret of Inner Strength: My Story."

Both books have continued in print for more than 25 years. They are available in bookstores and used copies often turn up at Half Price Books. Both are recommended reading!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thursday's class

Thursday night's class was most fun and challenging. Master M had us do what she called a "DQ Sundae". Basically, she started us off with a technique and we then had to one by one, add on another technique. It was a matter of listening and remembering. She demonstrated each technique as we called it out. That was fun. It started out with an Aneseo Pahkaro Mahkee (spelling, sorry!), followed by a low side kick in kemah Jahsee (horse riding stance), then a torrida (spinning), it was a back fist. I am still learning the terminology, so I don't have it all yet. It was a Kap Kwon, I think! I offered a Jang Kwon (palm-heel strike) ending in a front stance. I'm not looking at my notes at present, so I don't have all the techniques our line offered up memorized. It was a lesson in putting together the various techniques and think of the flow and how they interacted with the previous and the next technique. I have to admit to being disconnected. I was concentrating on doing the technique and making sure I did it correctly (which can be improved, I'm sure!). I didn't really think of the application at that point, but I've since been thinking about how they worked together. I can see in my mind how a torrida kap kwon can work to pop someone upside the head (I believe it's a temple strike), then with my offering (jang kwon), it's a blow to the ribs to further incapacitate the opponent. I think there may have been another kick there...I forgot what Mr. L offered (a spinning inside/outside crescent kick, maybe??). One of the other Mr. L's offered up a round house, I think. I forgot (again, not looking at my book), what the last technique was.

We were in two lines and the second line offered up a high block, jumping front snap kick, something that landed in a cross legged stance, reinforced middle block (I THINK). It ended with a jumping front snap kick with the REAR leg (need to work on those...I think too much and an opponent would see it coming a mile away!), ending in a cat stance with a plier/pincer grip?

When it came to forms work, I actually remembered Keecho Hyung Il Bu, Ee Bu and Sam Bu!!!! I think I spaced out on Bassai, so that means I need more work on it...and Naihanchi Cho Dan I think I had!! It really pays to practice. I'm going to get myself back into the habit of reviewing forms, starting with my basic forms and working up. I really need to stop THINKING and actually start doing. I will get there. Nothing happens overnight, no matter how impatient I am.

Mr. L gave me a few pointers on my high 'x' blocks. I can see the application and the benefit of doing it the way he showed me--there's a 'divot' on your wrist that you can lock your other wrist bone into...and it's more stable than the way I had been doing it. One minor tweak learned and committed to memory (we hope!).

Friday, November 14, 2008

Funakoshi excerpt

Training Precepts

by Master Gichin Funakoshi
From Karate-Do Nyomon

"Since karate is a martial art, you must practice with the utmost seriousness from the very beginning."

"Try to do exactly as you are taught without complaining or quibbling."

"When you are learning a new technique, practice it
wholeheartedly until you truly understand it."

"Don't pretend to be a great master and don't try to show off your strength."

"Remember that you must always have a deep regard for courtesy, and you must be respectful and obedient toward your seniors."

"You must ignore the bad and adopt the good."

"Think of everyday life as karate training."

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Important thoughts

How long to earn a black belt?

How long does it take to earn a black belt? The answer is illustrated in the parable of the boy and the Karate master.

A young boy traveled across Korea to the school of a famous master. When he arrived at the school he was given an audience by the master.

"What do you wish from me?" the master asked.

"I wish to be your student and become a black belt. How long must I study?" the boy replied.

'"At least 10 years." the master answered.

"Ten years!" the boy exclaimed. "What if I studied twice as hard as all your other students?"

"Twenty years!" replied the master.

"Twenty years! What if I practice day and night with all my effort?" asked the boy.

"Thirty years!" was the master's reply.

"Why is it that each time I say I will work harder, you tell me that it will take longer?" the boy asked.

The master answered, "The answer is clear. When one eye is fixed upon your destination, there is only one eye left with which to find the Way.'"

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A treat

I had to go back and find the pictures from my black belt test and post them here. I'm actually really proud of this accomplishment.

(Note--I goofed up on my labelling of some of the forms. I can go back in at some point and edit titles, but not tonight.

Mantra, Day 2

I like the fact that I have a good memory and that people come to me for questions to be answered.

Monday, November 10, 2008

New day, new mantra, Thank you ML!!

I'm trying something new in the way of my workouts and whatnot. I am going to start every day telling myself one thing I really like about myself. No more "Negative Nellie" for me. I've got a piece I wrote last June that I am going to re-type and share at some point. I was advised that it doesn't sound at all like what I've been saying lately. I really needed that advice and I am going to take it.

I got up this morning and looked at myself. Then I told myself, I like the fact that I'm caring and I listen to people.

I'll be repeating that to myself during the day. I AM capable of being a good martial artist. I wouldn't have a black belt if I didn't earn it somehow.
I earned it. Thousands of hours of sweat. I will earn my second Dan. I don't know when right now and frankly, after spending the weekend talking to a friend, I don't think I need to worry about the when. I need to worry about getting myself together, to getting what I need to accomplish done. I'm fine with who I am as long as I focus on the here and now and not the When.

A little positive reinforcement goes a LONG way!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Review of 11/6 class

Thursday's class was a kicking class. It wasn't all kicking, but that was our primary drill after the initial warm ups. Master G has the class bow in (and I STILL need to work on the opening commands for class!!), then someone led the warm up. That was interesting...we did a "downward facing dog" pose (My friend, Ram calls it 'up dog/down dog' but it's all the same thing). Then we did some further stretches--It was a lunge, and to get an extra deep stretch of your hip flexors, you can put your back knee on the floor. The thing I've noticed on that is that you need to keep your back straight and you never, EVER want to have your front knee go past your toes!

We did a few line drills with us doing Aneso Phakeso Mahkee (inside/outside block) and Phakeso Ahn Uro Mahkee (outside/inside block). We did Ha Dan Mahkee (low block) and Sang Dan Mahkee (high block). Then we did some other things, including Jang Kwan (palm heel strike), a side stance with a center punch I think it's Sa Ko Rip Chaseh--no, that's the stance. The actual side stance with a center punch is a Hwang Jin Kong Kyuk.

We practiced Aneseo Phakeso Cha Gi (inside/outside kick) and Phakeso Ahn Uro Cha Gi (outside/inside kick) with partners as well. The goal there is to remember what you're hitting with. You've got two things you can use--either the ball of the foot (the bahl, I think) and the side of the foot. You have more control with the ball of your foot as you go to hit because it's a wider surface. The blade is used as a firm quick 'snap', if my memory is serving me right.

When that was finished, we went to the other room and worked with our Wavemasters and BOB. We practiced our Ho Sin Sul from the "backside", that is, not trying to escape an opponent. You practice like this to get a feel for what the Ho Sin sul should be like. It also gives you a stationery opponent to work with. I think I made it up to #6. It wasn't until I was messing around with Ram at work yesterday that one of them (the bear hug) really made sense to me. I think I just needed the live body to perform it on. It's interesting because it's very much like Pyung Ahn Sam Dan ("Superman form") toward the end. There's an elbow/punch combination there that resembles Sam Dan very much. I think I'll get the hubby out tomorrow and work with him on it. I need to keep practicing my Ho Sin Sul. I need to learn it. I need to learn everything. Lots of things to learn!!!!

I also talked to Master G after class and told him my fears. He said not to fixate too much on the date next year for my test. It's not going to do me any good because I may psych myself out of properly training if I am obsessing over a date. What I need to do is to practice and learn. And keep learning. I don't know Naihanchi Ee Dan yet, so that's something that needs to be learned. I also need to master all the Ho Sin Sul AND the one-steps. I have to make up 6 one-steps of my own. I have to learn the Korean because it IS taught this way. I have to learn the bunkai. I also need to learn something else...I think he mentioned bushido, but I could be mstaken. He's going to get me some information that will help me out with my journey.

I think I'm back on that journey toward black belt. If I was smart, I'd sit down now and write out what it means to me to be a black belt. I should go review my essay I wrote for my first dan. I think I'll do that...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Exercise musings

I think I need to learn NOT to walk when I'm angry. It is beneficial, yes, but at the same time, it *hurts* because I don't temper my stride. I have a tendency to literally pound the pavement. As a result, I do injury to myself.
Case in point...I was so stressed out yesterday that when I went walking, I walked with a hard stride. Not necessarily a good stride. I know it wasn't fast. It was just hard. My right foot now feels like it's "locked up". The instep is painful and stiff. Not what I want, especially since I want to go walking again. I have set myself a goal (almost typed "goad"!) of at least 3 miles a week, walking.
I may skip the walk today. I'm not sure. I haven't made my plans yet. I don't go to lunch until 11:30 and it's 10:15 now. If I go, I have to get out to my car and get my things.

When I walked yesterday, I met two ladies who were out running. I'm assuming they have a route planned out. They ran past me as I was heading out, then I met them coming back...and they ran past me at a fast walk! That's when I felt like I was too slow. I tried to speed up to keep up with them and wasn't able to. They're in *much* better shape than I am and it showed.

I really need to stop comparing myself to other people, but I really have a hard time stopping myself from doing it. It's like comparing apples to oranges. Both are fruit, both can be sweet, but that's where the resemblance ends. One's got a rough outer skin, one's edible from the get-go. It's the same with people. No two people are alike. I know this but haven't managed to keep it in my head. It's the same with martial arts. I know that I'm not expected to keep up with the people who are higher ranked than me. They may have a different outlook on training, etc. I shouldn't look at what they're doing and say "I have to keep up with xyz..." It just isn't going to be possible!! I am me. I'm not in superb shape. I am coming off a long (7 month) hiatus where I haven't done much.
(This is changing, I'm not just sitting here bitching about it!)

I didn't do any push ups yesterday, so today is a bonus day--I get to do *4* of them! Hooray! I'm going to see if my son wants to do push ups with me. That way it'll be something we can do together. I need to do some crunches too to start working my abs. If I can find where hubby hid my bo, I'll be able to get it out and use it for ab work. I found an exercise on that is a good abs-shaper. It uses either a broom handle or something along those lines. You hold it at shoulder level with your arms up across the back of it (think an old picture of a "milk maid" or something like that). Then you perform a trunk twist. The most effective way to do this is to sit down and twist. You can use a towel while you're sitting on the floor and you can do this while you're watching television if you're a television sort of person. I may have to start doing this on my nights that I'm off from karate. It'll help build up my obliques and abs and maybe, just MAYBE, I'll wind up with a shape other than round!!

Monday, November 03, 2008


Training consisted of my two push ups and a walk. I felt really good about it. When I got in, I felt like I had just accomplished a lot. Granted, that walk wasn't the fastest thing, but it was a welcome change from sitting on the couch, doing nothing. I enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment after the walk. I wasn't walking for speed, but just for enjoyment. If I do this, plus eat right and drink plenty of water, I'll be able to lose some weight.

I emailed my best friend and told him I was in panic mode. He hasn't answered me back about getting together for coffee yet, but he knows why I'm panicking. I've talked a little bit to my hubby, but he doesn't quite 'get' it. He knows I'm worried about my weight, but he's not a martial artist, so he doesn't understand the pressure I'm feeling. I wanted to talk to my friend to hash out some thoughts. I don't know if Master G reads my blogs (I know some of the other people at the dojang *might* read them), but I have to sit down and talk to someone about my concerns and fears. Fear is natural. If you're without fear, you're either very confident of your abilities (ha, not me!) or just faking it very well. Me? I am so scared, it's not funny. I have a lot of work to do to 'tweak' my forms. I have to learn a whole new range of one steps. I have to learn bunkai. I have to learn Korean. There's a whole new set of things to learn.
I have to learn to keep a training log that is cohesive and makes sense.


I have these quotes in my signature when I send emails. They make sense to me, even more so now.

He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.
~Lao Tzu      
Given enough time, any man may master the physical. With enough knowledge, any man may become wise. It is the true warrior who can master both...and surpass the result.~~Tien Tai

Mental fitness

I read Ms. M's black belt test account today and my first thought was, "HOLY!!!
That's a tough test!!" I've only participated in two tests, but man! She's in excellent condition and from what her test sounded like, it was brutal! She had to be completely wiped out by the end of it.

I told her the other night that I want to be her when I grow up. I really want to get into better shape physically because it'll make me feel better mentally.
Part of being a black belt is attitude. If you don't have a good attitude, you won't be a good black belt. You have to be mentally fit as well as physically fit.

I'm determined that by the time I make Ee Dan, I'll have truly earned it. I don't want to have my achievements held up to me as "you're my success story. I took a (fill in the blanks) person and made her into a black belt." Unfortunately, that was how my Cho Dan was presented to me in May. I wasn't given credit for working my butt off to earn it. I was told that I'm only a success story.
Well, guess what? I am NOT just that "fat person who is a black belt". I am in a league of elite martial artsts. I will reach that bar that has been set for me by the Ee Dans, Sam Dans, Sa Dans and Oh Dans. I will make it. I may fall into a small heap as I reach for it, but I will make it. Just need to work on my mental fitness. I need to be able to fail and learn from that failure.

There's a lot to be said for the people who undertake tests like Ms. M's. It shows just exactly how hard you have to work. It's not a "gimme". Anyone who thinks a belt test is that should really go read her blog. I have nothing but intense admiration for her.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sunday Fitness

I went out today and got myself two new pairs of shoes, so I'm set for walking. I bought one pair to wear as "everyday" shoes and one pair for strictly walking. We shall see how this works for me. I'm going to be walking quite a bit.

I looked at my push up requirements again for my fitness test. I made a mistake. I need to do 32 push ups, rather than the 38 I had posted that I was supposed to do. I looked at the requirements for someone 30-39 years of age, rather than 40-49. OOPS! I guess I'm trying to fool myself that I'm not as old as I am?
I am still working on trying to do a correct, "guy" push up. I did my two today. It's hard to do, especially as I have a tendency to sag down at the belly!
I'm going to work on that. I bet that if I work on holding my stomach in, I'll get a bonus of strengthening my abs.

I have to work on the crunches. I don't do them the way the people at BTK do. They do more of a Pilates-style crunch, where they are straight legged and fold up to the middle. I do my crunches with my feet flat on the floor, pulling my shoulders off the floor toward my knees. I don't know if it's right or wrong, but for now, I'm going to keep doing my crunches with my feet flat on the floor. I'll do that until I get my core muscles built up.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

New challenges

I'm challenging myself to do new things. I did two 'guy' push ups this morning. Not a lot, but it was a start. I usually do pushups on my knees, so the 'guy' push ups I did is a good thing. I have a tendency to "sink" down in the middle and lead with my belly, so that's something to work on. Proper form is everything. It makes a difference, not only in push ups, but in kicks, punches, etc.

I have a book from BTK that gives my requirements for fitness for my next test. Now that I'm serious about it, here's what I have to look forward to:

Crunches, push ups, kicking and run/jog: all need to be done at the pre-test AND the test.
As a 43 year old woman, at the rank of black belt, I must be able to do 38 'right angle' push ups. I'd like to have this accomplished by December. I do my push ups on my knees, but by March, I want to do them all in the proper form...hence the "guy" push up goal.

Crunches: My requirement is 34. The requirement for men in the same age group as me is 42, so I think I'm going to push for somewhere in between.

Kicks: I have to be able to perform a turning hook kick and a hop hook kick three times on each leg at a HIGH level. I'm sure that I'll also have to do a turning side kick plus a jumping round kick. High level means that I should be able to kick at a range from the shoulders to the top of the head. (need to get the excess fat off because I can't kick if I'm fighting myself to get the foot up!)

Run/Jog: For my age and rank, I have to run a mile in 10 minutes. I'm working on that now. Ten minutes? Yep...I'll work on it. I SHOULD be able to accomplish that by March.

I've got a few other ideas in mind, such as creating a training log. I don't know how many of my instructors read my blog, but I think that setting these goals is an acceptable one. From a fitness standpoint, the fitter I am, the happier I am and the better I perform.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Starting over

Tonight in class, we worked on a few things. We had our basic warm up, run by Father A (I just learned about his vocation this evening. Very delightful person, wicked tough opponent!). Master G drilled us on straight punches (and I NEED to use my Korean for this!!), high blocks, then outside inside and inside/outside blocks. We worked on back kicks for our main drill with the focus pads.
Now, back kicks are not one of my strongest kicks. Master G explained to us that we could think of the kick as either a single kick, as in a straight leg back kick (think 'donkey kick'), or in 3 parts...turn, raise your leg and kick straight back and recoil, then turn again.

When you think of the kick that way, it's incredible to see where you need work. I was fortunate enough to team up with Ms. M tonight. I tell you, I want to be her when I grow up! She's got some incredible power in her kicks! She also lands her kicks very well. My kicks? Well, let's just say, I found another thing I have to work on!

We did six on either leg...three part kicks. Turn, kick, turn. If you think about the focus pad in terms of a clock, you really want to try to hit the pad between 5 and 7. Ideally you'd like to hit at 6. Any higher on the clock and you'll hit more with the side of your foot. Another thing you need to work on is turning your head and looking at your target. You will not hit your target if you do not look at it. If you blindly kick, your opponent will be able to move out of your way and you will not hit them.

After he ran us through the first drill, he changed it up again. The second drill was a double kick. You kick, then recoiled and kicked again. The purpose of the drill was to first and foremost, work on your balance. The second thing was to help us re-train ourselves out of the bad habits we have picked up in our years of training. The new guys in class are luckier than most. They're not picking up the bad habits some of us already have.

We also worked on Ho Sin Sul tonight. Ms. M and I worked on 1, 2 and 3. 1 is a same side grab. The defender needs to flare the hand, twist, step back with the opposite foot (i.e.-if you're grabbed by the left hand, you flare your hand and twist your wrist, step back with your right foot and sink down into it, then you do a front leg side kick. As a black belt, I need to tap my opponent if I'm training.
If I'm out in the real world, trying to defend myself, I would kick pretty darned hard and try to disable my opponent. The key here is not to 'flap'...but to keep your elbows close to your body.

The second Ho Sin Sul was a double wrist grab. As you're being grabbed, you flare your hands out again, bring your hands up and on the outside of the attacker's hands, then you forcibly push your opponent's hands out. As you do that, you perform a front snap kick to the midsection. The key to this is also to keep your elbows close to your body.

The third one is a cross-hand grab. Step out (outside the attacker's body), turn your hand and look at your palm--this forces the attacker's wrist to be turned at a 90 degree angle. At this angle, you can do a palm-heel strike to the attacker's wrist, and then do a back arm elbow in to the ribs.

Sparring was the last thing on the agenda. We kept the same partners as for the kicking drills and Ho Sin Sul. When sparring, think double strikes. If you kick, immediately throw another kick or a punch. This is a distraction technique. It's a lot easier to think this way than to think "I need to, um, throw a kick. Now what do I do?"

I'm off...

I'm leaving for class shortly, so I'll get a chance to get a good hard workout. They'll be doing final preparations for a belt test on Saturday, so I'm sure we're going to work very hard on helping one of our instructors get ready for her test. I don't know that I'll make that test as I've got a school function, but...I will be there tonight to cheer her on.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday wrap up

I had to give my instructor a list of my availability for classes up to the end of the year. I did that yesterday and got a response back today. I really do feel like I belong to this group. They ALL email you to keep in touch with you!

I've not been walking, but I'm attempting to eat better. I think I'll get myself back on track with my eating first. One step at a time. That'll be my first step.
I'm going to class tomorrow night. I am looking forward to it. I'm sure I'll be very tired and sore by the time I get home, but it'll be worth it. I hope I remember the commands for calling in the class. I have a feeling I need to practice it again before class. I will be reviewing tomorrow to see what I can do before class. I know the basic salutations. I just have to work on it.

At camp on Saturday night, I was able to show one of my former classmates the opening to Bassai and was able to explain to him what it meant. I feel like that was a good refresher for me.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Long weekend!

I spent most of Saturday on my feet. I was at camp with my son at a Cub Scout camp-out. We started out on Saturday, at 9:00 am. Our evening ended at 10:00 pm when we finally fell into bed. It was a lot of walking from activity to activity. Time to sit down were few and far between. I don't know how far we walked...I didn't have a pedometer on. I DO know I walked enough to rub blisters on both of my big toes. I told my son that I needed to take the time to get a good pair of shoes that fits right. I will do that too. I think I learned a hard lesson.
I haven't done a lot today since we got home. I made it upstairs and crashed. I've been resting since.

Since I did so much walking yesterday, I won't be doing any walking tomorrow. If I get a new pair of shoes tomorrow, which is under consideration, I will walk on Tuesday. Of course, I have to make sure that I have good padding in the form of new shoes and thick socks!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Any help for shin splints?

I need a "cure" for shin splints. I'm sure a big part of the reason I have shin splints is that my shoes are in bad shape. I need to get a new pair of shoes because the ones I have are 2 years old. When I was training for the walk I did a few years ago with S and DB, they told me that it was best to get a new pair of shoes every year or so. I am going to look for a new pair of shoes soon...very, very soon.

I'm going to be out of touch for a couple of days with my son. We're going camping and we're leaving tomorrow. We're going to be back Sunday afternoon. It'll be wonderful to get out and away from everything!! I'm looking forward to that!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Started walking

I have been stressed out at work so much that I am daily experiencing headaches. I finally went down to HR and talked to her about it. She told me to get myself out of the office at my breaks and lunch time, so I actually listened. Yesterday, I made sure I didn't stay at my desk during breaks and left the building with a friend for lunch.
Today, I had an early lunch, so I went out for a walk. I used to walk with DB before he got his new job (this was last year...haven't walked for about a year now!). We would walk about 1.9 miles, I want to say. That was round trip. We did that for a few months, then got adventurous and changed our route up a bit. I think our total distance was about 3 miles. I could be mistaken. (It's been so long ago, I have fuzzy memories.)
Today I went out and walked our original route. It took me 35 minutes to walk 1.9 miles from start to finish. I feel pretty great about that! I was able to get out, get back in, change clothes AND nuke my lunch by the end of my hour! I feel good about that! I am not walking tomorrow unless I do it after I get home, but I plan on walking on Thursday again. If I play my cards right, I should be able to repeat the 35 minute walk on Thursday. If I walk every other day, I should start building up my endurance and cut my time down. Master G said that I should strive for a lower number on the mile, so it stands to reason that I could walk a mile in 15 minutes or less. If I was REALLY smart, I'd actually start RUNNING, but...there's a lot of sidewalk to run on. Need to make sure the ol' legs are in better shape first so I don't mangle my knees with a run.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Learning about Bunkai

Part of my assignment in class has been to learn the Bunkai of the forms I'm learning. Master G wants me to thoroughlyl understand the WHY behind why I do a form the way I do. I'm going to be studying a lot. One of the things I found when searching through some of the blogs I like to read is this post by Matthew at Ikigaiway. Since I've started reading his blog, I'm learning a lot. He also has another, more recent blog that I read which I want to take to heart too.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sloppy kicks are not acceptable

Class last night was different. It was a major eye opener to me.

We did warm ups that consisted of hand and foot techniques. We did reverse punches for hands. 30 total...10 for technique, 10 for speed, 10 for power. 30 on each side for a total of 60. I felt it last night in my shoulders because I've been sloppy in my training and have not trained well in my opinion. I was not keeping my elbow tucked down by my side for the punches and kept rolling my shoulder up. Master G had to correct me a number of times. He was watching all of us and making comments about improving our techniques.

We also did kicks for warm up. Again, here's me noticing how sloppy I am in my technique. I feel like I'm just learning all over again. It feels very much like I'm starting over. I read on a blog (Ikigaiway) that black belt is when you start to learn. This is really true for me. It hurt me to not spend a lot of time practicing except for black belt prep classes. Realistically, I think in the three months between leaving USMA and joining BTK as a full time student, I kicked my own butt. I didn't practice in between. It is showing too.
During the kicking drill, Master G reminded me that I needed to turn my hip over when I do side kicks. Amazingly enough, I found that I had more power when I did the kicks correctly. I could hit the target more than I was when I didn't turn my hips over. I know I've heard "turn your hips over" many times. I just didn't put it into practical application. I have to now or else I will NOT move ahead. If I plan on earning my Ee Dan in April (not that I'm seeing it very likely, realistically), I have to kick better, punch better and perform forms MUCH better. I need to learn Bunkai so that I can explain the WHYS of my forms.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A reminder...

Tuesday night I got a wake up call and a reminder that I am not exempt from learning. Master M asked me if I knew the commands to open class. Do I know them?

I know Jun Be, Cha Ryut (these are the ready stance and "attention" stances). I know Ku Gi Ba Rae (saluting the flags) and Ba Ro (return to attention stance). I did NOT know Ku Gi Tora (turn to the flags), nor Kwan Jang Nim Tora (face Grandmaster's picture). Kwan Jang Nim Kyung Yet is bow to Grandmaster. Tora is turn. You say "Kyung Yet" to instruct everyone to bow to the instructors. Ahn Jo is sit (I knew that one!!). Muk Nyum is a moment of silence at the beginning of class. I had heard that terminology before but didn't know it was used in classes.

I am going to have to work extensively with a couple of my co-students and see if they can beat the Korean into me. I need to make sure I have the commands for starting class in case (please no!!) I'm the most senior student in class!! EEP!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Push ups

I have decided that when I'm doing push ups in class, I am NOT going to worry about my speed, but rather about my form. We were instructed to do 25 push ups last night and I managed 20 of them, but they were hopefully 20 GOOD push ups.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ee Dan

The plan for EeDan is to get myself into shape and ready to tackle a test by April. This can be done. It just means that I have to start working on my physical fitness NOW, not tomorrow. I have to eat clean, work out and make sure I don't miss too many classes. I have 20 one-steps to learn, plus Ho Sin Sul. I have to work on my crunches and my push ups as well. I have to do at least 40 push ups. I have to make sure that when I do the push ups, I have my arms bent at 90 degrees.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Informative class

I learned a LOT last night at class. Yes, I actually went to class!!!
We did a warm up and I'm happy to report that the brace I had Tony buy for me worked to keep my ankle stable enough to do jumping jacks. I don't know how many we actually did, but we each counted two..."Hana, dul..." I actually think that counting in Korean is a better idea than counting in English. I don't know about other people, but I know that for me, counting in Korean makes me NOT think about the actual jumping jack, but instead, concentrate on getting a workout. It works too.

We did a number of stretches and then Master G got people separated out to work on forms. He took some of us into his group and worked with us on Nahainchi Cho Dan and Bassai. He had us run through the forms on our own counts, and also on his counts. One of the things he reminded all of us about was that we need to use our hips. Then he separated us to work on Nahainchi Cho Dan while he worked with another studen on her form. We worked on our material for about 30 minutes, then we broke off to the other room.

When we got into the other room, he gave me a Ho Sin Sul book and another copy of the One Steps book. (the house has mysteriously 'eaten' my other one.)
He told me to familiarize myself with it, so that's what I shall do.
Then he worked with me on Nahainchi Cho Dan. He explained *much* that I don't recall learning. He taught me the bunkai (spelling?) of the hform and explained quite a bit. Each form has a practical application. It's not all about looking pretty, but it's about defense. Each movement has a specific defensive meaning. For example, much of Nahainchi Cho Dan was constructed as if you were on a horse or up against a wall, depending on how you look at it.
I found the class very informative last night. I can now explain why I do specific things during class, such as a ridge hand, etc. It's a defensive move.

Another thing he explained to me was how many opponents you could face during Keecho Hyung Il Bu...both the maximum and minimum number of opponents. The maximum number is 8 (He and I did the form and he explained it to me as we did it--he counted). The minimum is 1.

That class was highly informative. I'm glad I went. I feel like this will help me.
I talked to Master G a lot last night. I feel confident that I'll actually be able to get my butt off the ground and get that Ee Dan. I have a lot of work to do to get myself into shape, but...if I get myself into some sort of shape that is good, I will get myself ready for the next testing cycle (next Spring).


I now have an assignment. I need to learn the Bunkai (sp?) for all of the forms I know. It's a challenge that I believe I will be up to. Master G explained some of the bunkai for Bassai and for Nahainchi Cho Dan last night. He also explained that Bassai was a windy, twisty sort of form because it emulates a snake. I think that's what he said. I'm going to have to work on that.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tonight's class

Went to class tonight. I'll post some tomorrow when I get to work. I am tired and as I JUST got home, I need to go offline. I'll post more tomorrow when I get a chance to think. It was an awesome class!!

Plans for tonight

Plans for today:

1. Go to karate. This will be fun. If I DON'T go, S is going to kick my butt and sick her pups on me. I hear they're ferocious. She sent me a good description of all of them yesterday. I will not be running the risk of being licked to death or head butted by small fuzzies. They could decide to trip me too. LOL! (they'd be in league with my fat cat too.)

2. Work out. Same goes for above. While I'm there, I think I'll pin S or Master G down on what they'd recommend for a barely fit person to start with. I *have* to work on my weight. I gained 4 pounds in ONE DAY!!! 4 pounds!!!!

(12:59--post mortem from a company lunch. Service missed the meeting. We couldn't shut off our phones!!)

Lunch today was fried chicken. Mmmm...greasy fried chicken!! I would have been better off to stick with my plan of eating salad today. Oh well. At least I have plenty of protein, cholesterol, trans-fats and whatever else the chicken provided to run through my system for the next several hours. Nevermind that I'll be comatose by 7:00 this evening!! Oh well. I'm thinking about figuring a way to fire my metabolism up to make it work in my favor.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Form review

It's official. If I don't get my butt into class tomorrow, I shall be hunted down with small, yappy dogs and tortured.
I'm going to work on material that I need to practice tonight. I need to practice some kicks (Hook kick comes to mind). I need to practice Bassai and Nahainchi Cho Dan. I THINK I know NCD, but am not 100% on the fine tuning. I have to keep practicing. I will do the basic forms tonight and make sure I know them. I know Keecho Hyung Il Bu, Ee Bu and Sam Bu. I also know Pyung Ahn Cho Dan, Ee Dan, Sam Dan (well, yeah, I BETTER!), Sa Dan and Oh Dan (again, I BETTER!). I feel confident that I can do Sam Dan. LOL!! I think Sa Dan I'd need to practice a little more...wait..."splat!" to the left, "splat!" to the right...ummm, gotta think on that one. It's the interesting form where you're doing a "grab the collar, twist, kick, punch, punch" type of move...

Saturday, October 04, 2008

No workout today

I know I said I was going to go to karate, right Achilles tendon is not feeling 100%, so I took the lazy way out and stayed home. I'm sure I won't be chastized for it. I have to take care of this or I'm not going anywhere and I need that foot!! LOL! Imagine that! It is a wake up call to lose weight though. I have found that in the past 9 months, I've gained back 12 pounds. Not quite what I wanted to look at this year. I think a lot of it has to do with my decreased activity level. I haven't been nearly as active as I was this time last year. Last year at this time, I was coming off a heavy workout schedule...I'd been in training since mid-June for my black belt test. The last time I worked out really hard was January-March. I did my second black belt test on the first Friday in March. After that, things rapidly changed and I didn't do much to push the fitness/exercise issue.. I went with the flow.

We were told that we were going to be required to run a mile, to do a serious fitness test in order to pass our next black belt test, but no training was done for the actual running or the fitness. That was left to us. I'm not sure about other people, but I'm lazy. LAZY. I don't do more than I have to do. That's why I'm seeing my weight creep back up. That's why I've got to get on the ball and start pushing myself. I need to see success. I love the feeling of empowerment I get when I see success.

I won't be running anytime ankle feels, well, MUSHY is a good way to describe it. The other ankle doesn't feel the same. If it keeps hurting, I'll go find my doctor and see what he thinks. For tonight, I'll take an anti-inflammatory and do some stretching. It'll help. If it's not feeling too squishy or sore tomorrow, I'm going for a walk.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Work out plan, amended

BTK is open tomorrow at Russell Creek and I am GOING!!! I am excited about it, really! I can work on my forms and review what I need to do to get ahead. I also need to pin someone down and start working on my one-steps! I have at least 30 one steps to learn! PLUS, I have to practice my old one-steps and the very first ones I learned. It's going to be wonderful to get back into doing them. I don't know if I'll actually have to do take downs, but we'll see.

Workout plan

The plan for the weekend is to get back into practicing all forms and techniques.
To do this, I need to get the hubby to hold a pad for me (I have one at home, yay!) so that I can practice kicking drills. I'm going to work on power first, then speed.
I figure kicking 10 times on each leg to start, then switching and punching ought to help me a bit.

So...this is how the plan goes:

10 Ap Cha Gi, both right and left
10 Dwi Cha Gi, both right and left, especially as that's a weak kick for me.
10 hook kicks (forgot my Korean), left and right. That's 60 kicks...should take me about 20 minutes tops for that.

I need to review basic forms and will bring the kids out to practice and review with me. I can even teach Tony if he's interested. He probably isn't. It'll be a good excuse for all of us to get outside.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Korean Terminology

General Terminology
Tang Soo Do Name of the art we study
Moo Duk Kwan Name of the organization
Soo Bahk Do Ancient name of the Korean martial art
Kwang Jang(Nim) Grandmaster
Sa Bom(Nim) Instructor
Nim Term of respect similar to "Sir" or "Honorable"
Sun Beh Senior member
Hu Beh Junior member
Dan Degree, holder of midnight blue color
Gup Grade, holder of color belt
Ko Dan Ja Senior dan holder
Yu Dan Ja Dan holder
Yu Gup Ja Gup holder
Kwan Won Student member
Cho Bo Ja Beginner
Do Jang Training hall/studio
Do Bahk Uniform
Dee Belt
Kuk Gi National flag of Korea
Kwan Gi Tang Soo Do flag
Gi Cho Basic
Hyung Form
Deh Ryun Sparring
Ho Sin Sul Self-defense
Kyuck Pa Breaking
Soo Gi Hand Techniques
Jok Gi Foot Techniques
Neh Gung Internal power or control in exercise
Weh Gung External power or control in exercise
Shim Gung Spiritual power or control in exercise
Mahk Kee Block
Kong Kyuck Attack
Ha Dan Low part
Choong Dan Middle part
Sang Dan High part
Ahp Front
Yup Side
Dwi Back
Cha Gi Kick
Ki Hap Yell(focus mind/energy)
Shi Sun Focus of eyes
Choong Shim Balance
Chung Kwon Forefist
Cap Kwon Backfist
Soo Do Knifehand
Yuk Soo Do Ridgehand
Kwan Soo Spearhand
Jung Kwon Heal of palm
Kwon Do Bottom of fist
O Rin Jok Right
Wen Jok Left
Commands in Training
Ku Ryung Count
Ky Ryung E Mat Cho So By the count
Ky Ryung Up Shi Without the count
Cha Ryut Attention
Kyung Ret Bow
Choon Be Ready
Shi-Jook Begin
Ba-Ro Return
Shio Relax/Rest
Gu Man Stop
Tora Turn
Dwi Ro Tora Turn to rear
Bal Cha Gi Choon Be Ready to kick
Ko Map Sum Ni Da Thank you
Cho Man E Oh You are welcome
For Cadence Number For Ranking Order
Hana One Il
Dool Two E
Set Three Sam
Net Four Sa
Da Sot Five O
Yuh Sot Six Yook
Il Gop Seven Chil
Yo Dull Eight Pal
Ah Hope Nine Koo
Yohl Ten Ship
Sumul Twenty Sa-Ship
Sorun Thirty Sam-Ship
Mahun Fourty Sa-Ship
Shwin Fifty O-Ship
Yesun Sixty Yook-Ship
Irun Seventy Chil-Ship
Yodun Eighty Pay-Ship
Ahun Ninety Koo-Ship
Paek One Hundred Il-Paek
Chon One Thousand Il-Chon
Note: Numbers above ten are formed by adding the word for the numbers one through nine to the words meaning ten, twenty, thirty etc. For example: 11 is "Yohl Hanna".
Commands in Starting and Closing Class
Cha Ryut Attention
Kuk Gi Bay Ray Bow to flag
Ba-Ro Return
Ahn Jo Sit
Muk Nyum Meditation
Ba-Ro Return
Cha Ryut Attention
Sa Bom Nim Kay Kyung Ret Bow to senior instructor
Kyo Sa Nim Kay Kyung Ret Bow to instructor
Shim Sa Kwan Nim Kay Kyung Ret Bow to judge or examiner
Kwang Jang Nim Kay Kyung Ret Bow to grandmaster
When the command to bow to the instructor is given, all members say with clarity, "Ko Map Sum Ni Da"(Thank you sir) to the instructor.
Pahl Arm
Bahl Foot
Chu Mok Fist
Mok Neck
Hur Ri Waist
Da Ri Leg
Sohn Hand
Pal Coop Elbow
Moo Roop Knee
Eema Forhead
Tuck Chin
Myung Chi Solar plexis
In Choong Between mouth and nose
Dan Jun Low abdomen
Ko Hwan Groin
Basic Stance(Gi Cho Ja Seh)
Choon Be Ja Seh Ready stance
Chun Gul Ja Seh Front stance
Hu Gul Ja Seh Back stance
Kee Mah Ja Seh Horse stance
Sa Ko Rip Ja Seh Side stance
Basic Hand Movements
Pahl Put Kee Punch Exercise, Horse Stance
Ha Dan Mahk Kee Low Block, Front Stance
Choong Dan Kong Kyuk Middle Punch, Front Stance
Sang Dan Kong Kyuck High Punch, Front Stance
Ahneso Phaku Ro Mahk Kee Inside/Outside Block, Front Stance
Phakeso Ahnu Ro Mahk Kee Outside/Inside Block, Front Stance
Chun Gul Ssang Soo Mahk Key Two Fist Middle Block, Front Stance
Kwan Soo Kong Kyuck Spear Hand Attack, Front Stance
Yuk Soo Knife Hand Defense and Reverse Punch
Ssang Soo Ha Dan Mahk Kee Two Fist Low X Block, Front Stance
Wheng Jin Kong Kyuck Side Punch Horse Stance
Hu Gul Ha Dan Mahk Kee Low Block, Back Stance
Hu Gul Sang Dan Mahk Kee High Block, Back Stance
Hu Gul Ha Yup Mahk Kee Side Block, Back Stance
Hu Gul Ssang Soo Ha Dan Mahk Kee Two Fist Low Block, Back Stance
Hu Gul Ssang Soo Mahk Kee Two Fist Middle Block, Back Stance
Ha Dan Soo Do Mahk Kee Low Knifehand Block, Back Stance
Choong Dan Soo Do Mahk Kee Middle Knifehand Block, Back Stance
Sang Dan Soo Do Mahk Kee High Knifehand Block, Back Stance
Yuk Jin Kong Kyuck Reverse Punch, Back Stance
Basic Kicking Movements
Ahp Podo Oil Ri Gi Front Stretch Kick
Ahp Cha Nut Gi Front Snap Kick
Yup Cha Gi Stepping Side Kick
Dull Ryo Yup Cha Gi Turning Side Kick
Dull Ryo Cha Gi Round-House Kick
Dwi Cha Gi Back Kick
Dwi Dull Ryo Cha Gi Spinning Back Wheel Kick
Ahneso Phaku Ro Cha Gi Inside/Outside Axe Kick
Phakeso Ahnero Cha Gi Outside/Inside Axe Kick
Yup Hu Ri Gi Stepping Wheel Kick
Ahp Me Ro Cha Gi Front Push Kick
Pi Cha Gi 45 Degree Kick
E Dan Ahp Cha Gi Jump Front Kick
E Dan Yup Cha Gi Jump Side Kick
E Dan Dull Ryo Cha Gi Jump Roundhouse Kick
E Dan Dwi Cha Gi Jump Back Kick
E Dan Dull Ryo Dwi Cha Gi Jump 360 Back Kick
E Dan Dwi Dull Ryo Cha Gi Jump Back Wheel Kick
Sparring(Deh Ryun)
Sam Soo Sik Deh Ryun Three step sparring
Il Soo Sik Deh Ryun One step sparring
Ja Yu Deh Ryun Free sparring
Jua Deh Ryun Sparring in sitting position
Wa Deh Ryun Sparring in lying down position
Bong Deh Ryun Stick sparring
Da Soo In Deh Ryun Sparring against two or more
Kyo Deh Change position or assume partner's postion
Took Soo Deh Ryun Special Sparring
Dan Do Deh Ryun Short knife sparring
Sil Chay Deh Ryun Full contact sparring
Gun Nuhn Deh Ryun No contact sparring
I am working late tonight. With any luck, everyone will clear out by 6:00 so that I have a few minutes to run over my material in my cube. I like doing my forms at work when nobody's around. It gives me a chance to make mistakes and pretend that they're on purpose. Not that *I* make mistakes. ha! Me of the flubbed Pyung Ahn Oh Dan!!

I set myself a couple of goals for the next month or so. I'm going to start practicing my forms one through whatever I decide I need to work on. I also need to work on the jumping kicks (cha gi). I like the fact that there are jumping kicks that I can do. I may not kick as high as I'd like, but I'm at least trying to clear some ground, so that will help. I particularly like the jumping hook kick (no Korean on this one, sorry!). It's a fun kick. Ms. S had to remind me to tighten up my leg on this one and try to kick my own rear. Okay! I feel like I need a refresher in kicking one oh one, but I'll be giving myself that as I practice more.

Another kick I know I'm weak on is the back kick. DB has always reminded me to "LOOK at where you're kicking" and I've heard it from Master G as well. Gotta LOOK or you'll be way off base! I'm going to have to dig out my pads and start getting Tony to go outside and hold them for me. I could always get Aidan involved in that too, to help him keep sharp.

I need to set some fitness goals and start working toward those as well. I have read the requirements for passing the belt test (no matter WHOSE belt test it is!). For my age/weight, I should be able to run a mile in ten minutes. I don't know if he'll insist on straight running, but I'm betting anything that as long as I clear it in the ten minute time frame, I won't fail. I have to start conditioning myself, so that means walking first. I wish I lived closer to my friend, S. I'd love to have her coach me again. I worked with her a couple of years ago and managed to do a 5 k in an hour or so. I don't remember the exact time. I know that we both ran and walked it. She was a sweetie and really pushed me when I needed that push. I'll have to call her and ask her if she'll push me again.

I guess I can put my fitness goals over at the other blog (Martial Arts Musings) and update that as I make my goals. Might be worth a shot. That way I have both of them updated. I may mirror this blog at that one.