Sunday, September 05, 2010

Tai Chi Form

I jumped into the Tai Chi form class on Monday a week ago and feel like it's going to work out for me.  I remembered some of the movements from the Introduction class and was able to step in and follow with what the rest of the class is doing.
After knowing what I've done to myself in Tang Soo Do by comparing myself to everyone else, I've made a vow that I'm only going to watch the instructor to see what she is demonstrating.  I'm not going to compare myself to anyone else.   I like the similarities to TSD.  I found out on Friday that I was able to execute a kick *and* I turned my hips over!!!!  It was the first time I actually did that!  I may go out in the garage tomorrow and go kick my BOB around.  Now that I have the room to play, it'll be a lot easier to get back into practicing.  

I'm also going to go out in the yard in the morning and see how much of the first section of the form I actually remember.   It's been a week and I haven't worked on it since class last week.  We don't have a class tomorrow since it's Labor Day, so I'll get a chance to work on my own and see what I remember. 
I know I can do it.


Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu said...

You don't want to compare yourself to other students but focus on your own growth and potential.

Keeping a journal is the best way to look back and realize sometimes just how much you have actually moved forward.

Erica said...

You can see your progress through your journal. :)

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Mark said...

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