Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weight class

During class last night, we did techniques and forms with weights. Master M had us pick a weight we thought we'd be able to handle comfortably. She led us through drills with the weights doing Sah Dan Mahkee (low block) and Ha Dan Mahkee (High blocks), along with side kicks, front kicks (sorry for not using the Korean on this). Then she had us move from the rubber room (called that for the floor, which is made of hard rubber) into the Wooden room (wood floor) and we got another set of weights. She gave us the option of going down to a lower weight or even up if we wanted to. (I stuck with 5 lbs) We started into forms, which was a bit more challenging.

Doing Keecho Hyung Il Bu with weights was not as difficult as it could have been. It wasn't too bad. It was harder to do than it normally is, but it wasn't horrible.
What was hard was when I was told to do Bassai and I lost it completely. It seemed that once the weights got into my hands, my brain leaked the form. As a result, I had to do 10 crunches. I had no problem with that. I didn't like the fact that I forgot my form. Oh well. I'll review it and fix it.

Master M had us do a form of our own chosing and do it with the weights. That was fun. Several of us picked out Pyung Ahn Sam Dan to do. THAT was challenging at the end because of the jump/simultaneous elbow strike, back punch.

After class, I got Ms. S and Master M to help me refine Pyung Ahn Ee Dan. I now know what I was doing wrong, so I need to practice it and improve it.

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