Saturday, November 28, 2009

Remembering the fun

Today was Open Training.  I went to it because I'd promised a friend (and myself) that I'd be there.  I gave myself no excuses to not to attend.  I am glad I went.  I got the opportunity to work on my forms--the ones I thought I'd forgotten.  

I remember vividly the lower forms: Keecho Hyung Il Bu, Ee Bu and Sam Bu.  
I remember Pyung Ahn Cho Dan (just a few things to tweak on that one!), but for some unknown reason, Pyung Ahn Ee Dan and Sam Dan were attempting an escape from my mind, so I made sure I practiced them multiple times.  
Pyung Ahn Sah Dan ("Superman"), I know fairly well.  It's a short form and I'd really insult myself if I didn't remember that one!  
Pyung Ahn Oh Dan also was easier to work on , despite it being months since I'd worked on it last.  Bassai was a little more challenging, as was Nahainchi Cho Dan.  I just decided that I'm going to work on my forms a little at a time, and a little every day.  Practice makes perfect.  Funakoshi #11--Karate is like boiling water.  If not heated constantly, it will cool.

While I was in training today, I set myself two goals.  They're not huge ones, but they're attainable.  One goal is to go in to have fun.  The other goal is to perfect my kicks and forms.  No more am I going to have that "I can't" mentality.  It's a defeatist attitude and I don't need it in my life.    I'm going to focus on the FUN part of martial arts.   I love to learn and i love to work hard at something that is fun.  I will get myself to a better mental state.   I won't get discouraged or frustrated anymore.  I'm working on that.

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