Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Temporarily sidelined

Due to certain circumstances, my martial arts is temporarily sidelined. I'll have to keep up my practicing on my own until I can get back to class. This means that I MUST keep up the forms and practicing the Korean. I need to know what a "soo do" is. I need to keep myself practicing on everything.
I'm frustrated, but things happen. I can pick up the pieces and go on. I'm not fully devastated, which I could be. I've been challenged by Ms. S to keep practicing, so that I shall. I can work with the WF and get my balance there. I can work on forms and make sure I REMEMBER the forms. If I practice daily, I'll be back where I was in no time.

I'm bummed out by the turn of events, but I will make it work for me.

I just hope they don't forget me because I'm not in class.


Ikigai said...

Don't worry, you can keep training with us - your online community!

Littlefair said...

Hey there!

Soo Do is knife hand-or did you mean you need to master it?...good luck in any case!

BTW I've had periods of my life when my practice has slowed but it helped me to keep things ticking over mentally: I tried running through hyung in my mind before falling asleep at night or doing 5mins of 'shadow' Ill Soo Sik Dae Ryun in the kitchen!

Whatever you do tho best wishes with it and keep at it!


Meg said...

LOL! I do know that a "soo do" is a knife hand. I need to master the Korean so that I can answer quickly and correctly when Master questions me! Thank you very much for the reminder. I appreciate it!!