Thursday, November 27, 2008

Training plans

Balance is always important in martial arts. One of the main reasons is that you don't want to be kicking someone and fall flat on your bum or on your face because you can't maintain your balance or control your kick. Many of your higher forms require incredible control and balance. There is a part of Jin Do that requires a Ap Cha Nut Gi (jumping front snap kick). I had attempted this on one of the occasions I had to practice with Mr. Brown before I left my old school...and I fell flat on my rear!! You talk about undignified!! I didn't have my foot planted properly, so I fell. Part of that was for inexperience, part of it was due to lack of balance.

I have a new tool in my training arsenal that I HOPE will help me in the long run. It's a Wii Fit. I read BBM's blog and decided to go out and look for one the night I read it. It sat in the house for a week before I set it up, but now that it's been set up, I am using it. I have been working on the balance games. I had the silly thing set up backwards first of all, but my husband finally decided to correct it and now all is well. It's not as bad as it was the day before yesterday! I did find out that Master G was correct in telling me that I need to use my hips! I really, REALLY found out how much when I did the 'slalom skiing'.

I haven't tried much of the yoga yet. I have done a trunk twist with my virtual trainer and I've got issues with the Wii as far as what it says my weight is, but I'll suck it up and deal with it. I have other things on my mind, like correcting my balance. So far, I'm "unbalanced". I DID, however, find that I can do a couple of serious aerobic exercises for about 15 minutes and I'm winded. This is something I will definitely work on. I AM going to get into better shape.

Tomorrow I'm packing the kids up (as long as it's not raining!!) and heading out to the local high school. We're going to put the track to good use. I want to start walking a mile...and I'll time it. Once I have a time for my walk, then I can start working on cutting that time down. At some point I need to start running. There's nothing that says I have to LIKE running...but I'll be running. If I get to the point where I can run a quarter of a mile in 2-3 minutes, it'll say something for me. My goal is to run a quarter mile by the end about a month ending in "y"? That's one of four months. I won't say exactly WHICH month it is, but I'm going to work on it. I definitely feel like I'm facing the correct path. I'm not fully engaged on that path, but I'm facing it.

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