Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Karate pick me up

I received a lovely email today, encouraging me to stay the course. I had sent a rather whiny email to her and she responded by telling me not to give up, to get together with my instructor and let him know what was going on. In other words, she gave me another kick in the butt. I got one earlier in the week from yet another friend, who told me to make the commitment and stick with it. I'd been whining to (at?!) him about feeling like a loser with a capital L and he said pretty much, "YOU are the only one who can do anything about what you want to do. You can't expect other people to do what only you can do. Don't sit and cry into your drink because you're not living up to your expectations. Either lower your expectations or get off your behind and get on with your life." Pretty uplifting, both of them. Add that to another email from someone keeping me in the loop when she doesn't necessarily have to and I'm feeling better about things.

All of these things have one major thing in common...the emails are all from people at BTK. They care. That says a whole lot for my choice of schools.
Now all I have to do is to get my rear in gear and get to classes. Ms. M told me NOT to give up, Mr. L has told me not to give up and Ms. S also has said so.

Why am I such a hard headed person? I've been staying out of classes because of finances, because I've gained weight and because I feel inadequate. Nobody there is making me feel bad about that. They're all encouraging and are telling me to get to class. Mr. L went so far as to loan me a book and will answer my emails with a no-nonsense, "stop your whining!" email. I feel very encouraged.

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