Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One goal met 2/18

I'm happy. I made my very first mini-goal tonight. I went to class, as I said I would! I feel incredible right now. I'm going to be sore, but I don't care. It will be a grand sore! I feel like I haven't left. In fact, I think I actually opened my eyes, ears and mind! I paid attention to what was being taught. I made sure I attempted anything and everything that was requested of me. I didn't give up. YAY for that!!

Tonight's class was one steps and Ho Sin Sul. First thing was a really intense warm up by Ms. M. We did some lunges that were "wood choppers". You step out into a lunge, then make a "chopping" movement on either side of your body, very much like you're swinging an axe. We also did lunges and did twists from side to side as well. There was also a kicking drill where you did a front kick, side kick, back kick and a round house kick, without putting the kicking foot down. That will definitely work your balance! I didn't manage to keep my foot off the ground, but...I'll get there.

After the warm ups (there were more but I'll get that written down later), we progressed into our one steps and Ho Sin Sul. I don't know why I have let myself be intimidated by the one steps. It wasn't hard. It was a lot of fun and as long as you pay attention to the technique, it's easy to do. I got to work with my friend, Ms. S. She attacked, I attacked. The drills were to do each of the one steps three times on each side, alternating right side/left side. That way, you get a good feel for how different the movement is for either side. It also helps you master the technique on your "off" leg. We did 1-6, then switched to our Ho Sin Sul. We only made it up to #3, but thanks to my working with the L's, I feel like I had a decent idea of how those worked. I just have to remember to move my hand out of the way on #2 or it WILL get kicked! (big grin and laugh!)

Notes from class: front kicks are good. Roundhouse kicks are NOT done with the top of the foot. Instead, if the kick lands on the ball of the foot and you pull your toes back, you will get your kick landed properly and you'll not break a toe or catch it on an opponent.

Looking forward to Thursday.

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