Sunday, February 15, 2009

New goals

I'm a whiner. I have been whining and wailing and lamenting my weight gain, my lack of training, etc. I am tired of whining. I've talked to two people I greatly respect and am going to get off my rear and do something about it. I was talking to one friend about being bummed that I wasn't where I thought I should be. We've already established that I'm not ready to test for any sort of a belt. I am going to have to stop comparing myself to people I know who are testing or who have tested. They're at different levels of fitness than I am. I have to get myself into some semblence of shape and strengthen myself up and THEN I'll get to the point where I can go up before the heads of our school and if they think I'm good enough, they'll pre-test me. Instead of setting a date for that, I'm going to let the chips fall as they will.

I have set a new goal. I'm going to set myself the goal of getting fitter and healthier. I'm going to get myself into better shape by my birthday. A short-term goal is in order too, and I'm writing it down now. I plan on attending at least 11 classes by April. I say 11 because I have to attend meetings for Cub Scouts and they take place on the first Thursday of the month and the third or last Tuesday of the month. Cubs will be at a down-swing by May and I WILL be making more classes by then. I am a den leader, which my instructor knows. It's my responsibility to get the notes from class from people in class. It's my responsibility to train when I'm not in class. Obviously I am NOT doing that very well (not if I've gained 20 pounds, but that'll be changing soon!).

My first, very short term goal is February 17. I am going to walk into class and I'm going to participate in that class. On February 19th, I will walk into my second class and I will participate. I will most likely leave both of those classes wringing wet, tired and feeling either elated or discouraged. I can't let myself get discouraged by it. I know that I have to work harder than ever because I've gotten soft and "saggy". I have a LOT of re-conditioning to do.

I need to start today.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea about setting such small goals. Just completeing those simple goals will make you feel like a million bucks.... then it becomes is a glorious snowball effect. Look forward to seeing you on 2/17.

- Becky