Monday, August 24, 2009

Temporarily sidelined

Not much is going on with my training these days. I've been working (a lot), doing Band related things (eldest is in Marching Band now) and of course, Cub Scouts. Did I mention that I'm neglecting my own training?
I haven't really thought of why, I just haven't shown much initiative. I know I need to work out. I just haven't.

I was talking to a friend this afternoon and we decided that I've got to get off my duff and at the very least, do my crunches and push ups. I am highly below average at both of those. I need to get with the program, to work harder and push myself to get to the "average" rating. I am going to aim for at least 5 push ups a day to start, then work on building on that. The number I need to get to is a multiple of 9. (note: I'm NOT going to do 9 right out of the box! I need to get the arms strengthened first...but soon I shall be doing my number.) Same with crunches. Those, I can do probably about 20, if I'm honest with myself. Do I do them correctly? Nope...but I do 20 crunches. I'm going to work on improving those too. That number is a multiple of 8. If you email me, I'll tell you the numbers. Otherwise, cryptic it is.

I talked to a friend last week about some goals that I had. He said to put them down, but that setting a goal of "to lose weight" was not an option. I had to be specific. He wasn't being ugly, he wanted me to actually THINK about what I want. Believe me when I say, that was a difficult thing to think about and even more difficult to do. I'm still working on revamping those goals, but I do have them out there to look at.


1. To be able to run a mile by December.
My friend reminded me that trying to set a short term goal of 4 months might be a tad bit unreasonable, especially as I've had issues with keeping on task in the future. His recommendation was to strive for a six month time frame. Then he told me, "Leave the stopwatch at home. Don't even look at it for now."
This takes the stress off having to run. He said not to focus on the fact that I'm not a gazelle, but that I'm an average woman who is just starting out on a new fitness path.

2. To learn the forms correctly, to perform up to the standards I see everyone else performing at.

THIS is a most realistic goal. Practice makes perfect. 'Nuff said.

3. To make time for myself.

This is an attainable goal. Even if I can't go to martial arts every week, I should be able to go home from work, go into a quiet room and just BE for a few. It's highly recommended, as a matter of fact. It'll help me keep from panicking about things. I can just let it all slip away, like water over a rock.

So these are some things I can work on. My friend in Houston is giving me encouragement on his end. My Masters here are giving me encouragement. They know I have other things going and I'm not getting docked for not attending classes. I can work through the temporary sidelining and come out on the other end ahead of the game.

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