Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Plans for tonight

Plans for today:

1. Go to karate. This will be fun. If I DON'T go, S is going to kick my butt and sick her pups on me. I hear they're ferocious. She sent me a good description of all of them yesterday. I will not be running the risk of being licked to death or head butted by small fuzzies. They could decide to trip me too. LOL! (they'd be in league with my fat cat too.)

2. Work out. Same goes for above. While I'm there, I think I'll pin S or Master G down on what they'd recommend for a barely fit person to start with. I *have* to work on my weight. I gained 4 pounds in ONE DAY!!! 4 pounds!!!!

(12:59--post mortem from a company lunch. Service missed the meeting. We couldn't shut off our phones!!)

Lunch today was fried chicken. Mmmm...greasy fried chicken!! I would have been better off to stick with my plan of eating salad today. Oh well. At least I have plenty of protein, cholesterol, trans-fats and whatever else the chicken provided to run through my system for the next several hours. Nevermind that I'll be comatose by 7:00 this evening!! Oh well. I'm thinking about figuring a way to fire my metabolism up to make it work in my favor.

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