Thursday, October 16, 2008

A reminder...

Tuesday night I got a wake up call and a reminder that I am not exempt from learning. Master M asked me if I knew the commands to open class. Do I know them?

I know Jun Be, Cha Ryut (these are the ready stance and "attention" stances). I know Ku Gi Ba Rae (saluting the flags) and Ba Ro (return to attention stance). I did NOT know Ku Gi Tora (turn to the flags), nor Kwan Jang Nim Tora (face Grandmaster's picture). Kwan Jang Nim Kyung Yet is bow to Grandmaster. Tora is turn. You say "Kyung Yet" to instruct everyone to bow to the instructors. Ahn Jo is sit (I knew that one!!). Muk Nyum is a moment of silence at the beginning of class. I had heard that terminology before but didn't know it was used in classes.

I am going to have to work extensively with a couple of my co-students and see if they can beat the Korean into me. I need to make sure I have the commands for starting class in case (please no!!) I'm the most senior student in class!! EEP!!

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