Friday, October 03, 2008

Workout plan

The plan for the weekend is to get back into practicing all forms and techniques.
To do this, I need to get the hubby to hold a pad for me (I have one at home, yay!) so that I can practice kicking drills. I'm going to work on power first, then speed.
I figure kicking 10 times on each leg to start, then switching and punching ought to help me a bit.

So...this is how the plan goes:

10 Ap Cha Gi, both right and left
10 Dwi Cha Gi, both right and left, especially as that's a weak kick for me.
10 hook kicks (forgot my Korean), left and right. That's 60 kicks...should take me about 20 minutes tops for that.

I need to review basic forms and will bring the kids out to practice and review with me. I can even teach Tony if he's interested. He probably isn't. It'll be a good excuse for all of us to get outside.

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