Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Exercise musings

I think I need to learn NOT to walk when I'm angry. It is beneficial, yes, but at the same time, it *hurts* because I don't temper my stride. I have a tendency to literally pound the pavement. As a result, I do injury to myself.
Case in point...I was so stressed out yesterday that when I went walking, I walked with a hard stride. Not necessarily a good stride. I know it wasn't fast. It was just hard. My right foot now feels like it's "locked up". The instep is painful and stiff. Not what I want, especially since I want to go walking again. I have set myself a goal (almost typed "goad"!) of at least 3 miles a week, walking.
I may skip the walk today. I'm not sure. I haven't made my plans yet. I don't go to lunch until 11:30 and it's 10:15 now. If I go, I have to get out to my car and get my things.

When I walked yesterday, I met two ladies who were out running. I'm assuming they have a route planned out. They ran past me as I was heading out, then I met them coming back...and they ran past me at a fast walk! That's when I felt like I was too slow. I tried to speed up to keep up with them and wasn't able to. They're in *much* better shape than I am and it showed.

I really need to stop comparing myself to other people, but I really have a hard time stopping myself from doing it. It's like comparing apples to oranges. Both are fruit, both can be sweet, but that's where the resemblance ends. One's got a rough outer skin, one's edible from the get-go. It's the same with people. No two people are alike. I know this but haven't managed to keep it in my head. It's the same with martial arts. I know that I'm not expected to keep up with the people who are higher ranked than me. They may have a different outlook on training, etc. I shouldn't look at what they're doing and say "I have to keep up with xyz..." It just isn't going to be possible!! I am me. I'm not in superb shape. I am coming off a long (7 month) hiatus where I haven't done much.
(This is changing, I'm not just sitting here bitching about it!)

I didn't do any push ups yesterday, so today is a bonus day--I get to do *4* of them! Hooray! I'm going to see if my son wants to do push ups with me. That way it'll be something we can do together. I need to do some crunches too to start working my abs. If I can find where hubby hid my bo, I'll be able to get it out and use it for ab work. I found an exercise on that is a good abs-shaper. It uses either a broom handle or something along those lines. You hold it at shoulder level with your arms up across the back of it (think an old picture of a "milk maid" or something like that). Then you perform a trunk twist. The most effective way to do this is to sit down and twist. You can use a towel while you're sitting on the floor and you can do this while you're watching television if you're a television sort of person. I may have to start doing this on my nights that I'm off from karate. It'll help build up my obliques and abs and maybe, just MAYBE, I'll wind up with a shape other than round!!

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