Saturday, November 01, 2008

New challenges

I'm challenging myself to do new things. I did two 'guy' push ups this morning. Not a lot, but it was a start. I usually do pushups on my knees, so the 'guy' push ups I did is a good thing. I have a tendency to "sink" down in the middle and lead with my belly, so that's something to work on. Proper form is everything. It makes a difference, not only in push ups, but in kicks, punches, etc.

I have a book from BTK that gives my requirements for fitness for my next test. Now that I'm serious about it, here's what I have to look forward to:

Crunches, push ups, kicking and run/jog: all need to be done at the pre-test AND the test.
As a 43 year old woman, at the rank of black belt, I must be able to do 38 'right angle' push ups. I'd like to have this accomplished by December. I do my push ups on my knees, but by March, I want to do them all in the proper form...hence the "guy" push up goal.

Crunches: My requirement is 34. The requirement for men in the same age group as me is 42, so I think I'm going to push for somewhere in between.

Kicks: I have to be able to perform a turning hook kick and a hop hook kick three times on each leg at a HIGH level. I'm sure that I'll also have to do a turning side kick plus a jumping round kick. High level means that I should be able to kick at a range from the shoulders to the top of the head. (need to get the excess fat off because I can't kick if I'm fighting myself to get the foot up!)

Run/Jog: For my age and rank, I have to run a mile in 10 minutes. I'm working on that now. Ten minutes? Yep...I'll work on it. I SHOULD be able to accomplish that by March.

I've got a few other ideas in mind, such as creating a training log. I don't know how many of my instructors read my blog, but I think that setting these goals is an acceptable one. From a fitness standpoint, the fitter I am, the happier I am and the better I perform.

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