Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thursday's class

Thursday night's class was most fun and challenging. Master M had us do what she called a "DQ Sundae". Basically, she started us off with a technique and we then had to one by one, add on another technique. It was a matter of listening and remembering. She demonstrated each technique as we called it out. That was fun. It started out with an Aneseo Pahkaro Mahkee (spelling, sorry!), followed by a low side kick in kemah Jahsee (horse riding stance), then a torrida (spinning), it was a back fist. I am still learning the terminology, so I don't have it all yet. It was a Kap Kwon, I think! I offered a Jang Kwon (palm-heel strike) ending in a front stance. I'm not looking at my notes at present, so I don't have all the techniques our line offered up memorized. It was a lesson in putting together the various techniques and think of the flow and how they interacted with the previous and the next technique. I have to admit to being disconnected. I was concentrating on doing the technique and making sure I did it correctly (which can be improved, I'm sure!). I didn't really think of the application at that point, but I've since been thinking about how they worked together. I can see in my mind how a torrida kap kwon can work to pop someone upside the head (I believe it's a temple strike), then with my offering (jang kwon), it's a blow to the ribs to further incapacitate the opponent. I think there may have been another kick there...I forgot what Mr. L offered (a spinning inside/outside crescent kick, maybe??). One of the other Mr. L's offered up a round house, I think. I forgot (again, not looking at my book), what the last technique was.

We were in two lines and the second line offered up a high block, jumping front snap kick, something that landed in a cross legged stance, reinforced middle block (I THINK). It ended with a jumping front snap kick with the REAR leg (need to work on those...I think too much and an opponent would see it coming a mile away!), ending in a cat stance with a plier/pincer grip?

When it came to forms work, I actually remembered Keecho Hyung Il Bu, Ee Bu and Sam Bu!!!! I think I spaced out on Bassai, so that means I need more work on it...and Naihanchi Cho Dan I think I had!! It really pays to practice. I'm going to get myself back into the habit of reviewing forms, starting with my basic forms and working up. I really need to stop THINKING and actually start doing. I will get there. Nothing happens overnight, no matter how impatient I am.

Mr. L gave me a few pointers on my high 'x' blocks. I can see the application and the benefit of doing it the way he showed me--there's a 'divot' on your wrist that you can lock your other wrist bone into...and it's more stable than the way I had been doing it. One minor tweak learned and committed to memory (we hope!).

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